Graphic Design & Creative

Our goal is to help you tell your story and effectively communicate your unique brand personality and message to your customers.

Whether it’s through graphic design, web design, or branding, our team has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life and make a lasting impression.

With our help, you can stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impact on your customers. Let us help you grow your business through effective and innovative design and straightforward creative solutions.

Digital Design

Whether you’re looking to revamp your website, create an impactful email marketing campaign, or design eye-catching social media graphics, our team of experienced digital designers is dedicated to creating eye-catching, engaging, and effective designs that will help you stand out in the crowded online space.

We will work closely with you to understand your unique brand, target audience, and objectives, so that we can create a digital design solution that will help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Print Design

Print design may seem like a thing of the past in the digital age, but it can still be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Print materials like business cards, brochures, and billboards allow for a tangible and often more memorable connection with your customers. Print design also allows for a level of creativity and attention to detail that may be harder to achieve in digital media.

We utilise an array of special finishes such as foil stamping and embossing, as well as unique paper stocks and textures, to add visual and tactile appeal to your print designs, creating a physical connection with your brand. So, if you want to make a lasting impression on your customers, let Straightforward help you bring your print design vision to life.


Bespoke illustrations can be used to add personality and charm to a design, as well as to help explain complex ideas in a simple and relatable way. These can take many forms, including hand-drawn illustrations, digital illustrations, and even created using 3D software.

Icon Suites

We craft beautiful icons that represent a specific idea, concept, or action. These small and simple graphics help your users navigate and understand the purpose of different features.

We simplify complex ideas and make information more memorable through the use of visual elements.


Infographics are visual representations of information or data. They are used to communicate information in a clear, concise, and visually appealing way. Infographics can take many forms, including charts, diagrams, and maps, and are often used to communicate statistics, trends, and patterns.

We can bring your data to life and help your customers understand complex ideas in a simple way, making them the ideal for sharing on social media, as they are easy to read, scroll through and share, which can increase their reach.

Packaging Design

The packaging of a product is often the first thing a customer sees, and it can greatly impact their decision to purchase. Effective packaging design can make a product stand out on store shelves, convey the value and quality of the product, and protect the contents during transportation.

It can also be a useful tool for communicating information about the product and the brand. Investing in professional packaging design can help your business stand out from competitors and attract customers.

Signage & Vehicle Livery

At Straightforward, we understand the impact that a well-designed and strategically placed signage and livery can have on a business. Signage is often the first point of contact between a customer and a brand, and it is essential that it accurately reflects the company’s values and messaging. The same is true for vehicle livery, which can provide mobile marketing opportunities, promoting your brand and reaching new customers.

We specialise in developing bespoke signage and livery solutions that embody your brand identity and messaging. Whether you’re looking for building signs, fleet graphics, or any other form of exterior signage, our team is dedicated to helping you make a strong and lasting impression on your customers.

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