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Flamco, a subsidiary of the Dutch corporation Aalberts NV, specialises in creating innovative accessories for central-heating systems and providing effective solutions for boiler rooms.

With production facilities in the Netherlands (where the head office is located), UK, Poland, Germany, and Russia, Flamco is a European brand with a global sales network.

The Numbers


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The Opportunity

Working in conjunction with UK market specialisms, Flamco required sales support material for all marketing channels, including product launches and advertising backed up by technical literature, across a broad range of innovative products.

The Answer

Straightforward created advertising campaigns for exhibitions and launch events, combined with presentations and digital content, backed up by production of a Training Academy featuring video demonstrations of products. Many UK market incentives, produced by Straightforward, were then adopted and reconstituted for European and global markets.

The Outcome

Straightforward acted as Flamco’s UK marketing department during which presence has grown significantly, including penetration of emerging and specialist high-security solutions such as global data-centres, securing multi-million pound projects globally.

Flamco UK have been consistently impressed with the professionalism, creativity, and strategic thinking of the team at Straightforward. I’d personally recommend them to any business seeking a reliable and effective marketing department to support their growth and success.

Sean Blandford
Managing Director

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